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Privacy is rapidly becoming…

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a luxury that escapes even the U/HNWI’s today.  When U/HNWI’s are asked what they are looking for today that most eludes them, it’s the price of privacy.  From social media, to data collection and computer breaches, maintaining privacy and securing your reputation is challenging for investors and becoming an unattainable luxury for the U/HNWI’s. No data can be truly secure, and its affect on the flow of capital has been visable.

However, foreign investors are becoming creative and working with professionals that offer great advice, service and knowledge into accessing the US Real Estate Market.

The US started the process in 2010 with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which led to a unilateral demand for foreign financial institutions to report details of accounts and investments held by US citizens.

At the same time, emerging markets are concerned- increasing so in the case of China – about outbound capital flows.

How this affects your investments and the flow of capital will become increasing important to peg foreign money to the US dollar.

Today, even with the likes of private aviation to backstop a measure of personal privacy investors are looking for greater runway to accommodate their  privacy when it comes to investments .

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