Manhattan Properties New Developments Smart Technology WELCOME

One of Zaha Hadid’s final New York City apartment buildings has robot valets and a private IMAX theater

The building also will include a parade of amenities, including an automated 12-car garage. When residents arrive, they will notify the garage via a key fob, which will automatically open the door. Residents will then drive onto the platform, and a kiosk will ask them if they have their belongings. Once everything checks out, the platform will lift the car to its parking spot like an elevator, but for a car.


Through the lobby, there will be a private IMAX theater that seats 12 peothrough-the-lobby-there-will-be-a-private-imax-theater-that-seats-12-people-the-developers-hope-to-show-films-at-the-same-times-they-premiere-in-theaters-mcdonough-told-business-insiderple. The developers hope to show films at the same times they premiere in theaters!

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